IBM Service Engage Support FAQ


What is Saas?

SaaS is a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted in the cloud. SaaS is typically accessed via a web browser. Payment for the service is through a subscription model.

What is the difference between trial and subscription?

Trial is when a user registers and “tries” an offering with their own data. IBM offers free trials at no charge for 30 days. Subscription is when a user purchases a subscription and pays a monthly fee for at least 1 year.

What browsers can be used across IBM Service Engage?

A browser is used to learn about services available in IBM Service Engage, and to use their live demos, trials and purchased subscriptions. The following browsers are supported across IBM Service Engage and all of the services:

  • Mozilla Firefox 24 ESR
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10

Note that individual services may provide more details about their browser support, and may include support for browsers beyond this list. This can be seen in their Details:Requirements tab within IBM Service Engage, or their Frequently Asked Questions.

User Account Management

What is an IBM ID?

Your IBM ID provides access to IBM applications, services, communities, support, on-line purchasing, and more. Additionally, your information is centralized so you can maintain it in a convenient and secure location. The benefits of having an IBM ID will increase over time as more applications migrate to IBM ID. For more information review the FAQ and help information at my account profile.

How do I get an IBM ID?

You can create an IBM ID at this link.

What is required of a client during the Free Trial registration process?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! The client will be required to:

  • Submit the request (if you have not logged in with an IBM ID, sign in will be required before the request will be submitted). IBM will send an email to complete the registration and to let the client know when the trial is provisioned and ready!
  • If applicable, download desired agents from the client's My Services page and connect them to the client's Application
  • Launch the free trial from the client's My Services page!

How does a client manage userids and passwords on IBM Service Engage?

IBM Service Engage uses sign-on which provides links for lost userids and passwords.

How does a client update their userid and/or password when using a SaaS Service?

Each SaaS Service has password management capability.

How does a client update billing details?

Customer Support Team representatives can assist a client with all their invoice inquiries.


How does a client ask for support on IBM Service Engage and how long will it take to get an answer?

Click on the Support button on IBM Service Engage. A response should be published within 24 hours.

What maintenance and support does the subscription cover?

The subscription covers support coverage 24 hours per day x 7 days per week x 365 days per year, data backups and restores, monitoring and patching."

What if IBM Service Engage is unavailable? How will the customer's service be provided?

The customer's service is hosted on the SoftLayer platform, not IBM Service Engage. This means the customer could get to an existing trial or their paid subscription, even if IBM Service Engage is unavailable.

For the services that include agent code, where would a client get the agent code and or updates?

As a part of the registration process, try and buy customers will be presented with the download options.

How does a client receive support for their trial?

We have created a set of SaaS Forums (specific for each offering) for the trial user community to both ask questions about the use and share their experiences with the technology; these forums are monitored by the support and development teams to assure timely answers to client questions.

The client requested a Trial, but did not finish their test. Can they have additional time for the trial?

The trial is available for 30 days. After that period the trial is suspended and kept for an additional 60 days. During this period, the client can still convert their trial to a purchased subscription, restoring all the definitions they created for the trial.

What if the client likes the trial and decides to buy? What will they need to do?

IBM Service Engage, the client should click on Purchase for the desired offering. Sign in with their IBM ID (there is no need to register again); select what offering they want to purchase, quantity, subscription plan, payment option, read and accept the terms and conditions, enter billing information and confirm purchase. The client will receive a confirmation email and then further instructions on how to access service.

How does a client receive support for their purchased offerings?

When the client receives the email to establish their service, IBM will include in the Welcome Kit an overview of the Support options available, which include the social aspects of forums, wikis, and blogs as well as access to our SaaS Support Portal. The Support Portal allows clients to create and review their service requests, and the use of email and chat with support. IBM encourages the use of these technologies to engage support and know we reserve the telephone access for truly system down situations. The use of these technologies allows us to engage the most appropriate resource to resolve the client's question/concerns in a timely fashion.

Implementing and Using SaaS Offerings

How long does it take to receive my Trial after I make the online request?

It can take up to 1 hour for your request for Trial to be provisioned and you receive the email authorizing you access to the service. Please be sure to check your junk mail folder in case an email filter misdirected our response to your request

How long does it take to receive my Subscription after I submit an order online?

Orders are processed during regular business hours: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday in your local timezone. If your order is placed within this time frame, it can take up to 24 hours for your request for a Subscription offering to be provisioned and you receive the email authorizing your access to the service. If your order is placed outside of this time frame, processing will start as soon as your regular business hours begin. For IT Service Management, the provisioning team may need to request additional information to ensure your instance is provisioned the way you need. If this is the case, and your order was placed during regular business hours, you will receive the request for additional information within 24 hours of your order. Please be sure to check your junk mail folder in case an email filter misdirected our response to your request.

Can I convert my free Trial to a purchased Subscription?

This varies by offering. Please call us at 1.877.426.3774, Priority Code: Service Engage, to determine the best plan to get you going.

How can a client determine which environments each SaaS offering supports?

Information is provided on the Details Tab on the “Learn More” page on IBM Service Engage for each Offering.

If the client has a hybrid environment, how do they integrate their on-premises tools with their SaaS offering?

See the individual Offering FAQs for information on integration.

Which environments do the products support?

See the individual Offering FAQs for information on the environments supported.

How would a client convert their existing data on their on-premises version to the SaaS version?

See the individual Offering FAQs for information on moving on-premises data to SaaS.

What happens to all the client's customization implemented with the on-premises version, how will they move the SaaS version?

See the individual Offering FAQs for information on customization.

Does the client always have to be at the latest greatest version?

See the individual Offering FAQs for information on upgrades.

Will IBM verify that customer-specific integration work?

See the individual Offering FAQs for information on integration.

Will IBM upgrade a customer's integration when a new version of the product comes out?

See the individual Offering FAQs for information on integration.

Enrollment, Entitlement and Pricing

What is the process for a new customer to get started?

There is no registration for using IBM Service Engage. A customer needs to register when they request a trial. They can purchase the offering by either going down the e-Commerce path on IBM Service Engage for the desired offering, or contacting their IBM sales representative.

What if a client likes a trial and decides to purchase it? What will they need to do?

When e-Commerce is implemented on IBM Service Engage, a client will click the Purchase button on the product/Offering page, sign in with their IBM ID (they will not need to register again), select what they want to purchase, the quantity, subscription plan, and payment option, read and accept the terms and conditions, enter billing info, and confirm purchase. The client will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to access the service. They just purchased.

If a client cancels their service, will IBM retain their data?

No. When a client's virtual machine (VM) on the host is removed because their subscription is canceled, all of their data is removed

Can a client view all of their services and subscription renewal dates?

This information is provided on the My Services link on IBM Service Engage.

How would a client update their billing method, contact information, password, etc.?

Customer Support Team representatives will be happy to assist the client with their invoice inquiries.

Will a client be charged separately for API usage to integrate with other products?

See the individual Offering FAQs for information on charges for API use.

Can a client try an offering before they buy it?

Clients can explore the offering in a live guided “sandbox” environment where they can see the product in action. Or they can request a free trial to try it out with their own data for 30 days.

How does the subscription plan work?

The subscription period is based on 12 months or longer. Flexible billing options for the IBM SaaS subscription fee are as follows:

  • Entire commitment amount upfront
  • Monthly (in arrears)
  • Quarterly (upfront)
  • Annually (upfront)

You also have the ability to ramp up your entitlements up to four times per year

How does a client purchase additional capacity for their existing subscription using e-Commerce?

Go to the My Services link on IBM Service Engage. Click on the button to upgrade.

How can a client extend an expired trial that is within the 60 day grace period?

To extend an expired trial, a client should call their Digital Sales Rep (DSR).

Service Availability and Performance

How does a client know their services are up and running; how would they report a problem?

An availability dashboard is on the roadmap for a future IBM Service Engage release. One way to find out would be just to try their service. If it is not available, use the Support path on IBM Service Engage or call IBM Support.

Does IBM publish service level agreements (SLAs) for services; what are they; how much downtime for site upgrade is expected?

Each offering has an SLA. The SLA is provided along with the contract.

How long can a client stay on a back version? What should the client expect when a service upgrade happens?

Because upgrades are made on the site where the service is hosted, the client will always be on the most recent version. The interface software on a client's site, if any, will be upgraded through the normal fixpack process.

What are the SLAs for service availability?

Each offering has a SLA that is available at no-charge. The SLA is provided along with the contract. 99.8% availability is the standard Service Level Objective for all offerings.

What should a client expect from an SLA when the product upgrade happens?

The Service Level Agreements indicate there will be some down time as maintenance and upgrades take place. This is typical of most SaaS providers. Initially, the down time will be a regularly scheduled time. If there is a need for an upgrade outside of that scheduled time, it will be advertised in advance.

What are the times when the services may be unavailable due to maintenance or upgrades?

Our standard maintenance times are planned approximately every 2 weeks in a window from 10:00 PM Saturday through 4:00 AM Sunday, Eastern US Time. The dates for 2016 will be January 23, February 13, February 27, March 12, March 26, April 9, April 23, May 7, May 21, June 4 , June 18, July 9, July 23, August 13, August 27, September 10, September 24, October 5, October 19, November 5, November 19, December 3 and December 17. We enter a year-end freeze for maintenance from December 19 through January 6.

Each offering may choose to use all, some, or none of the planned maintenance windows, and the offerings will publish outages on their forum. You can find the link to your offering forum on the IBM Service Engage Support Page

To receive proactive notifications, please subscribe (under Following Actions) on the forum for your service to learn more about any specific maintenance windows. We attempt to provide proactive email notification to customers 7-10 days prior to the scheduled maintenance window.

Data Protection, Privacy, and Security

Where is client data for a SaaS offering hosted?

Depending on the client's location, their data will be hosted at SoftLayer sites in Dallas, Amsterdam, or Singapore. IBM acquired SoftLayer in 2013.

What steps does IBM take to protect client data?

The Security Practices document for each offering outlines security, access control, service integrity and availability, activity logging, physical security, and compliance practices used to protect client data.

In case of a disaster what is the SLA on data recovery?

IBM backs up data daily and has disaster recovery plans in place. Data recovery is not part of the SLA.

Is the data clients put on a SaaS offering owned by the client or by IBM?

The client retains ownership.


What languages does IBM Service Engage support?

IBM Service Engage is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

How does a user access the translated page (e.g. they want to see the French pages?)

IBM Service Engage renders pages based on the user's browser language setting. The user should always go to No change in the URL is necessary.

How does a user switch from one supported language to another?

To make a change, update the preferred language in the browser settings and reload the page.


In which countries can credit cards be used to purchase an IBM Service Engage offering?

IBM Service Engage customers can use their credit cards in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • U.S. Virgin Islands

Phone Support

Which countries have toll-free telephone numbers where I can call for help with IBM Service Engage questions?

Today customers in Canada and the United States can use toll-free numbers for IBM Service Engage help. Phone support is provided in other countries, although the call may need to be routed for IBM Service Engage. For a full list of local country contact numbers, please visit the Contact Us page.

Technical support

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